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Lynn's encouraging style and helpful insights have inspired my writing. In fact, I have written more than I have in years.  Her classes provide me with the confidence and knowledge to create stories on the page rather than keeping them in my head. I particularly appreciate the convenience of the teleseminar format. It fits my busy lifestyle.

—Speech Pathologist and Third Grade Teacher, Robyn Beisell

Lynn Schwartz has a passionate appreciation and fine sense of good writing. She is knowledgeable, invariably honest, but always supportive in her critiques.

The Washington Post and The New York Times bestselling author, including The Florabama Ladies’ Auxiliary & Sewing Circle, Lois Battle

Lynn Schwartz is an exceptionally gifted writer, editor, and teacher who offers both expertise and sensitivity to those she instructs. She consistently offers wise and thoughtful suggestions to improve the work of students and colleagues alike.

—Author of  The Story Within, Creative Writing Instructor, Laura Oliver MFA

Lynn Schwartz's classes are amazing. Her warm voice and intelligent, constructive comments animate each class, addressing each participant with expert advice. What a gift to simply pick up the phone and access this level of professional support!

— Author of In the King's Arms, The Watchmaker's Daughter, Down Under, Mothering Heights. Essayist and reviewer (The New York Times and other publications), Sonia Taitz

Lynn's teaching approach has helped me discover a writer within myself. I began taking classes with Lynn two years ago as a novice.  Under her guidance, I now have the ability to write fiction. Her critiques of my work are always objective, honest, and enlightening. I plan to take her courses in the future so that I may continue to grow both as a writer and creative thinker. She's wonderful.

— Attorney, Cindy O’Neill

Lynn Schwartz conducted a marvelous course and helped me in many areas, exceeding all expectations.

— In Search of Heroes, Polish Indians and Short Stories, Joseph Taler

Lynn's unique teleseminar format has made it possible for me to reengage a long, postponed dream of writing fiction. Her considered lesson plan, clear topical discourse, well-focused assignments, and honest critique make the course both a challenge and a pleasure. Lynn's course has attracted an array of serious writing students who contribute significantly to the discussion and the assignments.

— Musician, Engineer, Intelligence Analyst, Storyteller in Training, Gross Scruggs

I gained a deeper, more complete understanding of the elements of well-written fiction, and how to apply these tools to my own writing.  Taking this class has improved both my fiction and my confidence in my work.

— Graduate Student, Charles Green

This seminar was great. I really enjoy hearing from such a wide variety of writers, the professionals to the beginners like myself. I love Lynn Schwartz's classes, they really get me motivated.

— Campaign Director, Light The Night Walk, Katie Smith, The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society

I loved this class and looked forward  to each session. It was loaded with inspiration and encouragement. After  years working in the journalist's world of "just the facts, ma'am," it  was a real treat to study with Lynn Schwartz and rediscover what makes fiction great. Plus, it was a joy to be in the classroom, with live  students and a professor, not staring at a computer screen for an online  class. Just what I needed get off my butt and take writing seriously.

— Tom Guay

I  had wonderful experiences in the two courses I took with Lynn Schwartz! I felt very encouraged and inspired by the other students as well as  Lynn herself. The reading assignments were well chosen and the  discussions very engaging. I would absolutely take another class in the  future and highly recommend Lynn for people just beginning to write as  well as those with a lot of experience. Both classes were filled with  students of varying skill levels and this kept the meetings fun and  interesting. In the end I have found that I genuinely want to stay in  touch with the the people I have met and more importantly, that I want  to keep writing! I credit Lynn for facilitating a desire in her  students to be supportive of one another and positive about the work.

— Artist, Writer, Student, Karen Tobin

Lynn Schwartz is a born teacher! I have always wanted to write  creatively, but lacked direction, conviction and courage. Lynn is a writer  herself and offers many wonderful examples of memoir in her classes. She  gives constructive advice, encouraging her students to show as well as tell  their stories She is very effective at teaching techniques of fiction. I found her classes a safe and encouraging environment for students of all levels -- a place where we share our stories and form friendships doing so. Wherever it may lead, the journey alone is worth it.

— Freelance Writer and Editor, Sydney Petty

After retiring from 36 years in International business, my children  encouraged me to write down my stories so they could someday tell them  to their children. Lynn Schwartz’s Life Stories class used targeted assignments, relevant examples, a clear teaching style, and kind  instructive encouragement to unlock my memories and teach me ways to  find the story from my rambling stream of consciousness. This course  revealed a new passion in my life that I never knew was there.

— Retired Marketing and Business Development Director, Northrop Grumman, Alan Young

Lynn Schwartz's Life Stories class returns you to the poignant moments in your life and shows you how to write about them with the imagery, dialogue and emotions that you first experienced. Whether you are a starting writer or experienced, you will find a safe environment where your skills will grow and your efforts are appreciated.

— J. F. Clark, Annapolis

The Life Stories class opened an exciting door for me, through which I discovered new skills and a joyful creative outlet.  Sharing stories with classmates was not only helpful, but fun. Lynn's constructive comments and gentle encouragement gave me the confidence to continue writing.

— "Author of Down to 'Derry: Coming of Age in Vermont. Retired Career Consultant, Jeanne Slawson

Our Wednesday evening sessions in Lynn Schwartz's class, "The Craft of a Story" gave me the inspiration, motivation, courage, and encouragement  to try my hand at original fiction for the first time since childhood.  With a strong blend of foundational techniques, lively class discussion, thought-provoking readings, and instructive critiques of  students' original writing, "The Craft of a Story" helped me grow both as a writer and as a reader. This course is an excellent foray into fiction for both novices and experienced writers alike - I recommend it  in the strongest possible terms.

— Chief Speechwriter, Governor Martin O’Malley, Stephen Rabin

Lynn Schwartz's Creative Prompts workshop was a magical mix of professional advice, fun, creativity and self-exploration. She combines her talents as a writer and teacher to create a provocative few hours for those lucky enough to be there.

— Writer, Mary Lou Baker

My story “Trotsky in the Bronx” won the Bellevue Literary Review’s Goldenberg Fiction Award ($1000 and publication), in a contest judged by Francine Prose. It's certain that without Lynn Schwartz’s course this story would not have been written, and without her instruction it would not have been as good.

— Harry Kopp

The editing-coaching services of Lynn Schwartz were invaluable in bringing my novel to a polished form. Her perception of story structure is insightful; her ear for dialog and character authenticity has perfect pitch. And she finds, over and over again, those nagging descriptive habits you don’t even know you’re using.

— Author, The Architect Who Couldn’t Sing, J.D. Alt

One of the best decisions of my life was to take Lynn's "The Craft of Story" class! From the moment I walked in, I felt welcomed, inspired by the great writers around me, and excited to learn more.  Since this was my first writing class, I did not know what to expect but had high expectations. I was not disappointed.

— Author, Embrace the Angel, Patti DiMiceli

Like tending to a garden, Lynn nurtured me.  She gently and skillfully coaxed my ""writing seed"" to grow and flourish.  Her teaching style is encouraging, instructive, and inclusive while keeping the pace interesting and fun.  I'm looking forward to taking more classes with Lynn, developing my writing skills, and enjoying the pleasure of writing from my heart and soul.


"I have attended several of Lynn’s classes and currently use her to edit my work. Her insightful and pinpoint comments are a great help. I am amazed at how well she can spot a redundant word or a flawed plot. I have written hundreds of professional articles, but creative nonfiction is a new challenge for me. Her fresh perspective has opened my eyes to a new way of thinking and writing.

— Aspiring Memoirist, John Kelly

Give yourself the present of taking a class with Lynn. She is delightful, instructive and supportive. She has a thorough lesson plan and covers it. Everyone from "how do you hold the pencil?" to published authors learn something, have fun, and feel at ease. You will read wonderful works or excerpts to illustrate each topic and hear inspiring renderings from your classmates. You will amaze yourself. You will, as she promises, never read the same way again. Long after, even if all you are still writing are lists, you will be glad you went. And your lists will be better.

— Phyllis Wright

Lynn's workshop for the Eastern Shore Writers Association was a success on several dimensions. Lynn's comprehensive understanding of contemporary writing standards and techniques allows her to offer meaningful insight into modern fiction. Her reputation guarantees strong student particiption and surveys confirm her strong relationship with her audience.

— Jerry Sweeney, Vice President, Eastern Shore Writers Association




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