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Nice things people are saying about my writing and creativity workshops, and the story development I do for writing projects. Testimonials are from students, private clients, and colleagues. 

Lynn Schwartz has a passionate appreciation and fine sense of good writing. She is knowledgeable, invariably honest, but always supportive in her critiques.

Lois Battle, The New York Times bestselling author, including The Florabama Ladies’ Auxiliary and Sewing Circle, War Brides, and Storyville

Lynn Schwartz’s classes and developmental editing are amazing. Her warm voice and intelligent, constructive comments animate each class, addressing each participant with expert advice. 

Sonia Taitz, The Watchmaker’s Daughter, Down Under, In The King’s Arms, and Mothering Heights

As I read Lynn's critiquing comments on my short story, my thoughts went from "Wow! She is really thorough," to "She is really perceptive," and then, "She is really good!"  Thank you, Lynn, for your numerous detailed, inventive, and very helpful ideas.

Judith O'Neill

Thank you, so much, for last night's class story review. It is so comforting to know that there is an instructor "out there" that will tell it like it is with our writing. Your evaluation of my writings (and entire class) have been so thoughtful, insightful and eye opening. For my own work, I really need that kick in the pants and nitty gritty analysis that you provide. 

Joan Fiddle-Ferder

Thank you so much for a great class, Lynn! I was unexpectedly able to add some amazing depth to my work-in- progress. I so appreciate your insights. 

Molly Preston

Whether as an editor, writing coach or teacher of creative writing, Lynn Schwartz possesses exceptional skills and is unequivocally committed to helping her clients and students create work that is of a high quality. As the former Ex. Dir. of The Writer’s Center, in Bethesda, MD, one of largest and oldest literary centers of its kind in the USA, I often had occasion to refer individuals to Lynn who sought my advice in finding someone who could provide individualized guidance and support in bringing their writing projects to fruition. I also hired her to lead numerous creative workshops at the Center, and the feedback for her from her participants was among the most enthusiastic for any of our workshop leaders. 

Finally, as a student of Lynn’s in a short fiction workshop that extended over several weeks, I can attest personally to the insightful, yet also supportive, feedback she gave me and others. I think all of us felt that Lynn was strongly invested in helping each of us become better writers. 

Stewart Moss, Former Executive Director of The Writer’s Center, Bethesda, MD. 

I was just informed that a good, small independent publishing house will publish Jill's Trials. Your help was invaluable in turning a novel I'd worked on for many years into a publishable book. I cannot thank you enough.

Peter Meyers, Jill’s Trials

My story “Trotsky in the Bronx” won the Bellevue Literary Review’s Goldenberg Fiction Award ($1000 and publication), in a contest judged by Francine Prose. It's certain that without Lynn Schwartz’s course this story would not have been written, and without her instruction it would not have been as good.

Harry Kopp

Working with Lynn Auld Schwartz is a privilege. She genuinely cares about each student, whether they are a beginner or an experienced writer branching out into a new genre. Lynn reignited my interest in writing fiction and introduced me to the flash form of condensed storytelling. Her writing workshops, a blend of well-chosen readings, writing prompts, discussion, and individual critiques gave me the foundation to pursue my writing goals—an MFA and a string of publications. I highly recommend Lynn as a writing coach, Story Development Editor, and writing teacher.

Nadja Maril

A quick thank you for three hours of nonstop learning and problem solving. I came with a protagonist who was immobilized within an unexpected situation. As the writer, I seemed to join her in being frozen. It’s been weeks, months that I’ve been mulling over how the story landed here. I suppose that may be revealed in time but for now, she and I found a way to exit the repetitive loop and exploit the moment.

Looking forward to returning, Lynn.

Mary DeRocco

Thanks so much for these incredibly helpful comments. They inspire me to go back to the piece and revise, and they help make that process look less daunting. With many thanks for your encouragement and good teaching, I will miss our Wednesday class!

Maude Fish 

Thank you again for your workshop yesterday morning. You provided a lot of material and perspectives that I hadn't heard of before, so I found the time with you very valuable.

Jillian Donadio

Lynn's workshop for the Eastern Shore Writers Association was a success on several dimensions. Lynn's comprehensive understanding of contemporary writing standards and techniques allows her to offer meaningful insight into modern fiction. Her reputation guarantees strong student participation and surveys confirm her strong relationship with her audience.

Jerry Sweeney, Vice President, Eastern Shore Writers Association

Lynn Schwartz is a born teacher! I have always wanted to write creatively, but lacked direction, conviction and courage. Lynn is a writer herself and offers many wonderful examples of memoir in her classes. She gives constructive advice, encouraging her students to show as well as tell their stories. She is very effective at teaching techniques of fiction. I found her classes a safe and encouraging environment for students of all levels — a place where we share our stories and form friendships doing so. Wherever it may lead, the journey alone is worth it.

Sydney Petty

Receiving a manuscript assessment from Lynn Auld Schwartz is a real privilege. While encouraging, constructive and unfailingly kind, she provides an astute and thorough evaluation.

Emma Deards,

Wild with All Regrets

I began as a student in one of Lynn’s valuable workshops called Tiny Tales and transitioned to private instruction with her to write my memoir. Her constant encouragement, honesty, and technical insight allowed me to not only address the emotional elements of the manuscript objectively, but also focus on the technical aspects of writing. I feel fortunate to be mentored by Lynn and learn from her vast teaching experience.  

Michele Rosefelt 

Our Wednesday evening sessions in Lynn Schwartz’s class, The Craft of Story, gave me the inspiration, motivation, courage, and encouragement to try my hand at original fiction for the first time since childhood. With a strong blend of foundational techniques, lively class discussion, thought-provoking readings, and instructive critiques of  students' original writing, The Craft of Story helped me grow both as a writer and as a reader. This course is an excellent foray into fiction for both novices and experienced writers alike — I recommend it in the strongest possible terms.

Stephen Rabin, Chief Speechwriter, Governor Martin O’Malley

This morning's workshop was both meaty and stimulating. I’ve attended many classes, workshops, presentations, and other educational presentations (and taught many myself). This was one of the best. 

Max-Karl Winkler 

Thank you so much for today’s workshop. Your teaching style feels so right—informative, truthful, structured, supportive. And, after I clear my mind of the fullness of this morning, I’ll address the guidelines for creating the work I want to write and read.  I’m looking forward!

Roberta Boam

Thank you, Lynn for a wonderful three hours. I'm so amazed at all that was crammed in—and clear, nonetheless. And some new approaches!! Not the same old ones—good guides all—but "new" always is so invigorating. My notes and your handout are the inspiration I need as I reconsider the memoir I'm working on right now. I'm right in the middle of it—so perfect timing to skip to the end, see if I actually have the best ingredients, and then start reconstructing it. 

Elizabeth Leah Reed

Lynn, thank you for your determined effort to remake us into worthy writers. As I read the submissions over our weeks together, I sensed continued improvement from each member of the group. I was enriched from the experience.

Charles Parsons

Hi Lynn, I'm checking in to share the good news that I just signed a contract to publish my collection of short stories. I've appreciated your thoughtful feedback and compelling workshops for the last few years, and I'm a better writer because of them. 

TJ Butler, Dating Silky Maxwell

The editing-coaching services of Lynn Schwartz were invaluable in bringing my novel to a polished form. Her perception of story structure is insightful; her ear for dialog and character authenticity has perfect pitch. And she finds, over and over again, those nagging descriptive habits you don’t even know you’re using.

J.D. Alt, The Architect Who Couldn’t Sing

Hey Lynn – thank you so much for yet another great workshop! I learned much and felt free — and supported, by you and my fellow writers — to explore the world of writing in new and exciting ways! I also feel that I am building the discipline of choosing my words with purpose and discretion, an important practice which will inform my ongoing work on my novel.

Jeff Harrison

Hi, Lynn — that was wonderful. I am always impressed with how all your words make sense, how well they answer the questions and issues posed. Thank you for a great workshop — and for all the work you do!

Ann Brown

Thank you so very much! I got so many fabulous tools out of the course! I really enjoyed it and feel like it will be extremely helpful. I've struggled with outlining, but I know I do best when I have a full plan. The things I learned in the course and these exercises will help me get there.

Julie Bohn

Saturday morning with you was time well spent. You helped me think through some issues that would no doubt have stopped me short later in the writing process (Why am I writing? Whose feelings do I need to consider?). I especially liked the distinction you made between a story and an anecdote. After your workshop, I feel much better positioned to write.

Faith Mullen

You are a wonderful teacher .... You manage the time so well and your critiques are meaningful and kindly stated. I felt I was in good hands with you — you created a safe place for us to write, share, and critique.

Dianna Young

Thank you very much for yesterday's workshop. I couldn't have enjoyed it more. The last two years of teaching have really drained my creativity. I vowed that I would recharge this summer. I took class with the Oklahoma City Ballet, and I started playing the cello again. But, yesterday's workshop was really what I needed to restore my creative energy.

Elizabeth Minihan

THANK YOU for an enormously, focused workshop about giving more depth to my characters. Everything you taught and suggested and inspired was perfect for where I am in the development of my book. Hope to be in a workshop again with you very soon!!  You are a very generous teacher!

Elaine Anderson

Just wanted to drop a line and say thank you for the excellent workshop last week. I left the workshop feeling encouraged, nurtured, and motivated. Your ideas and suggestions are so approachable! As a new mom to a four-month-old, there is precious little time and space for personal pursuits, so I very much appreciated the simplicity of your recommendations, as well as the tone of self-kindness throughout.

Caitlin Sullivan

I found Lynn Schwartz's class on Using Object and Image to Make a Reader Care extremely helpful. So helpful that I often refer to Schwartz's class handout. She provides good examples of emotion-evoking writing, and of course what not to do. So when our young dog ripped up the handout, I sheepishly asked Lynn to email me another copy. She sent it...thank you, Lynn!

Barbara B. Brown

Thanks so much for the wonderful workshop! I feel refreshed and excited about ways to reveal the characters, as they move through the story. You are an encouraging and inspiring teacher.

Mary Parish

Hello Lynn, I was in your excellent workshop, Making Your Characters Matter last Saturday. I really enjoyed it and I know I'll find the information helpful.

Kelly Brown

Many thanks for a wonderful workshop. While I ‘learned’ many of the things we discussed today years ago in my MFA program, I didn’t learn them quite that way. And, I know from experience that every time I go back and look at craft in new ways there is always something new to learn. You are an awesome teacher. I love the handout and the ways you guided us through the building blocks of character, both with the points made as well as illuminating them through the works you selected.

Christine Koubek

Thank you for a first rate class! I really appreciate your wisdom, experience, and expertise.

Gigi El-Bayoumi, MD, FACP

I LOVED your workshop today!! It's such a pleasure for me to write purely for fun and to do something like this class just for the purpose of being creative. THANK YOU!!! 

Sarah Ellis

Thank you for a great workshop today! It got my hand moving, then my brain.

Desiree Smith

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