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Lynn Schwartz's classes are amazing. Her warm voice and intelligent, constructive comments animate each class, addressing each participant with expert advice. What a gift to simply pick up the phone and access this level of professional support!

— Author of In the King's Arms, The Watchmaker's Daughter, Down Under, Mothering Heights. Essayist and reviewer (The New York Times and other publications), Sonia Taitz

I loved this class and looked forward  to each session. It was loaded with inspiration and encouragement. After  years working in the journalist's world of "just the facts, ma'am," it  was a real treat to study with Lynn Schwartz and rediscover what makes fiction great. Plus, it was a joy to be in the classroom, with live  students and a professor, not staring at a computer screen for an online  class. Just what I needed get off my butt and take writing seriously.

— Tom Guay

Lynn's encouraging style and helpful insights have inspired my writing. In fact, I have written more than I have in years.  Her classes provide me with the confidence and knowledge to create stories on the page rather than keeping them in my head. I particularly appreciate the convenience of the teleseminar format. It fits my busy lifestyle.

—Speech Pathologist and Third Grade Teacher, Robyn Beisell

Lynn Schwartz has a passionate appreciation and fine sense of good writing. She is knowledgeable, invariably honest, but always supportive in her critiques.

The Washington Post and The New York Times bestselling author, including The Florabama Ladies’ Auxiliary & Sewing Circle, Lois Battle

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